Cruz gets standing ovation at Wisconsin event with Scott Walker

NBC News:
A roomful of Wisconsin Republican Party faithful gave Ted Cruz a standing ovation on Friday night before offering Donald Trump surrogate Sarah Palin a chilly welcome.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, appearing with Cruz on stage for the first time since announcing his endorsement on Tuesday, embraced the Texas senator at the GOP's Milwaukee County Fish Fry. Cruz now holds a double-digit lead over Trump in Wisconsin ahead of the state's primary on Tuesday.

"My reasons are all about who I'm for, not about who I'm against," said Walker to his home state crowd, taking a veiled shot at Republican front-runner Trump. "I think that's important in Wisconsin — we like to be for something, not against something."

Upon taking the microphone, Cruz then took several swipes at Trump, suggesting it's "actually not fair to train wrecks" to compare the nomination of Trump to one. Trump is leading nationwide but plunged in the polls during the last week.
Later remarks by Palin defined the night with the crowd sitting silent at one point for 16 straight minutes without an applause.
I sense there was not a lot of love for Trump in that crowd.   If that crowd is an indicator, the polls showing Cruz with a substantial lead may understate his appeal.


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