Criticism is not the same as suppression

NY Times:

Is Anti-Zionism Merely Anti-Semitism in Disguise?

Many Jews say critics of Israel have crossed the line. Those critics say their speech is being suppressed.
I do not have a problem with Zionism.  The Jews have the right to reclaim their historic homeland.  Most of the so-called Palestinians are relatively recent migrants to the area anyway.  Those in Gaza originally came from Egypt and those in the West Bank came from other Arab countries in an attempt to deny Jews their homeland.  They are in effect squatters who are there to pursue what can only be described as Islamic religious bigotry toward anyone who rejects Islam.

No one is suppressing the speech of the so-called anti-Zionist.  In fact, many of its adherents are actively trying to suppress the speech of those who support Israel by shouting them down on the campuses in the US and elsewhere.  They are just playing the victim card while opposing any opposition to their agenda.

I do not have any empathy for this group, nor should anyone else.


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