China launching daily cyber attacks on US missile defense system

Bill Gertz:
Chinese military hackers are conducting cyber attacks on the Pentagon’s Missile Defense Agency networks on a daily basis and will soon shift to hacking into networks of missile defense contractors, the admiral in charge of the agency told Congress on Thursday.

Vice Adm. James D. Syring, the MDA chief who is in charge of building multi-billion dollar anti-missile defenses, told a House hearing that while his networks are successfully fighting off the cyber attacks, missile defense contractors need to improve their network security.

The three-star admiral said the threat of Chinese cyber attacks was equal to North Korean and Iranian missile threats.

“I view the cyber threat that I specifically face with MDA and the systems we are fielding on par with any ballistic missile threat that either Iran or North Korea possess,” Syring said.
While the admiral says the US is fighting back, the efforts so far appear mainly defensive.  I would like to see some consequences for the perps that will actually shut them down.


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