Airstrike gets rocket expert responsible for killing Marine in Iraq

Fox News:
Anti-ISIS coalition airstrikes on Sunday killed a top militant who was responsible for the death of a U.S. Marine in northern Iraq last month, a military spokesman said Sunday.

Staff Sgt. Louis Cardin, 27, was killed and eight other Marines were wounded when their detachment came under rocket fire on March 19. Coalition Spokesman Col. Steve Warren said ISIS fighter Jasim Khadijah was a “rocket expert” who “controlled these attacks,” according to Reuters.

“Jasim Khadijah was an ISIS member and former Iraqi officer believed directly connected to the recent rocket attack that killed SSG Cardin and wounded eight other U.S. Marines,” Warren said.

Warren said the drone strike also killed five other ISIS fighters and destroyed two vehicles belonging to the Islamist group.
It is interesting that US intelligence is good enough to determine who was responsible for the attacks and then take that person out.   I suspect they had signal intelligence which led them to the perp.


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