Will the establishment back Cruz

John Kass:
For grass-roots conservative Republicans — mocked by the Beltway's imperial punditry and lied to again and again by the GOP establishment — what could be sweeter than this?

They can watch the GOP elite tremble in fear and panic over the prospect of Donald Trump as their presidential candidate.

Or they can wait for those same Republican establishment lords to drop to their knees and begin that slow crawl, over the broken political corpse of Marco Rubio, to kiss the feet of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, the constitutional conservative whom they hate.


At times like this, I just want to enjoy a fine cigar, think of revenge as a dish best served cold and consider a great line from antiquity such as this one:

Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad.

The GOP establishment boys are hopping mad now, mad as hatters, frantic for answers, even ridiculous answers. And the most ridiculous is the dream of propping up Rubio and Ohio Gov. John Kasich until Mitt Romney can ride his milquetoast-colored steed and rescue them at their convention.

But Romney is no Ragnar Lodbrok, king of the Vikings. And he's no Sir Lancelot. Romney is the wimp who lost to President Obama. And even a horse named Milquetoast would buck Mitt off, then kick him.

If the establishment tries a convention power grab here's what would happen: Angry Trump voters and angry Cruz conservatives would grab their pitchforks, staves and torches and walk out, but only after burning the GOP to the ground.

So if the GOP really wants to stop Trump, they have only one alternative: Cruz.
What is left for them to do is persuade Rubio and Kasich it is in their interest to get out of the race and support Cruz.  They better do it before it is too late.


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