Why the Chief Justice is wrong about the Senate's role in approving nominees

NY Times:

Roberts’s Words Serve as Rebuke to Senate

Ten days before Justice Antonin Scalia died, Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. Roberts said that the Senate should ensure that nominees are qualified, and leave politics out of it.
The Supreme Court has become a vehicle for imposing unpopular liberal policies on the people.  That is why the Court has become politicized.  When Democrats thought they might lose that ability they started using the politics of personal destruction to attack conservative nominees and during the Bush years they refused to even consider qualified nominees for the appellate courts.  As long as they continue to try to impose their unpopular agenda on Americans, they should get resistance to the adding of those who support the evils of liberalism.

BTW, Roberts has facilitated the Democrats abuse of power with his absurd ruling on Obamacare.


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