When Trump is whining about NAFTA how can he explain Texas success?

Mark Perry:
Texas, the ‘great American job machine,’ is largely responsible for the +1.2M net US job increase since 2007

It is not just energy jobs responsible for this growth. Texas exports more than any other state including tech products. One of the big differences between Texas and Ohio is that Texas is a right to work state and as a results companies are moving to the state and created millions of jobs.
And while the oil and gas boom has certainly contributed to making Texas the nation’s No. 1 job creating state by far, the job gains in the Lone Star State have been pretty broadly based across many different sectors and industries. In percentage terms, the 11.5% payroll job gain in the “mining and logging” sector led the state’s 11 industries for job growth last year as that sector added 4,900 new jobs in 2014. An even greater absolute number of new jobs – 47,500 – were added in the state’s booming construction industry, which grew by 7.7% last year. As one example that highlights the construction boom in Texas, there were more permits for single-family homes issued last year through November in just one Texas city – Houston (34,566) – than in the entire state of California (34,035) over the same period. Other sectors with job growth last year above the state’s average payroll increase of 4% include financial activities (+5.1% and +34,800 new jobs) and professional and business services (+5.8% and +85,800 new jobs).
BTW, Mexico is Texas's largest trading partner.  It is the states with the blue state model who are falling behind and many of them are losing industry to Texas where taxes are lower and regulation is fair and limited.


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