Violence at Trump rallies

NY Times:

Ted Cruz Says Donald Trump Is to Blame for Violence at His Rallies

Speaking to reporters at a local Republican dinner outside Chicago, where Donald J. Trump had just canceled a rally amid fierce confrontations, Senator Ted Cruz said “responsibility starts at the top.”
Trump has appeared to encourage a violent response to disruptive people at his campaign stops, and seems indifferent to the resulting attacks.  In Chicago, liberal fascists mounted a preemptive attack on his gathering.  Some may suspect that he wanted to show the violence of the left.

I don't know what was in Trump's head when he scheduled the event where he did but the preemptive disruption should have been anticipated.  It is what liberals on college campuses have been doing for sometime in trying to thwart speech with which they disagree.  Chicago also has several violent gangs who could also be expected to pose a threat to someone they dislike.

I suspect the liberal fascism will only further anger Trump supporters and motivate them to turn out.  That would actually probably please the leftist who think it would be easier for the Democrats to defeat Trump.


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