Veterans join Rick Perry in support of Cruz in Arizona primary

Rick Perry, the former Texas governor whose own presidential ambitions were dashed last year, is working with a new super-political action committee that plans to enlist prominent veterans to support Ted Cruz's campaign for the White House.

The group also plans to highlight veterans' issues during the course of the campaign, said Kathy Walt, a former Perry chief of staff who is working with the group. Among those who will be joining Perry, Walt said, are the decorated former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell; Dakota Meyer, a Marine Corps veteran and Medal of Honor recipient; and Taya Kyle, the widow of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle.

They and Perry "are all going to be swinging for the fences in support of Cruz," Walt said. The new group, known as Keep the Promise to Veterans, formally registered with the Federal Election Commission on Thursday.

The family of Dallas billionaire Darwin Deason has held talks about funding the new group, according to two people with knowledge of these discussions who asked for anonymity, but no decision has been made. Walt said planning for the group's activities is at an early stage and it's not clear how much money the organizers will seek to raise.
Perry is joining with other patriots to try to persuade voters to support Cruz, the conservative senator from Texas who has the best shot at derailing the incoherent campaign of Donald Trump.   Trump has no real foreign policy experience or any senior advisors who have such experience.  He says one thing and days or hours later reverses himself sometimes acting like he never said the original statement.  This kind of instability could lead to a disaster for the US on national security issues.

Meanwhile, Ted Cruz has assembled a diverse team of national security expert advisors.


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