US develops lighter and better body armor for troops

USA Today:
In 2019 the Army expects to roll out a new, lighter body armor system. The armor will provide at least as much protection as today's system, but with more comfort, and greater flexibility to adjust based on the mission, Army officials said.

The Torso and Extremities Protection, or TEP, program cleared the engineering and development phases last summer, and will move into a few years of limited production and testing. During that time and beyond, technology advances may be integrated.

Already, improved ballistics materials have allowed the Army to cut the weight of TEP, when compared to the Army’s current heavy-duty option, the Improved Outer Tactical Vest. The IOTV, when loaded with heavy plates, weighs about 31 pounds, while a comparable TEP system checks in at about 23 pounds, or 26 percent lighter.
There is more.  At the link above you can click on the graphic for a larger view of the new body armor with descriptive notes.

Getting lighter makes the troops more maneuverable  which makes it easier to fight  as well as giving the troops the option to carry more ammo and other fighting gear.


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