Trump's short term memory problem

Dan Spencer:
At Donald Trump’s protested rally in Salt Lake City Friday, at which the police told CNN a “couple hundred” protesters were present out of a crowd of about 500 to 600 people, the Donald once again made outlandish and false statements. Trump, an old and tiresome candidate, questioned Mitt Romney’s faith:
Are you sure he’s a Mormon? Are we sure?
That’s right, Trump who appeared to take great umbrage and waged a brief war of wordswith Pope Francis when Trump incorrectly thought the Pope questioned Trump’s faith, questioned Romney’s faith and did so in Salt Lake City — which headquarters the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. There is no factual basis for Trump’s despicable questions of Romney’s faith, which is why Trump offered none. It’s just another outlandish and unsupported thing that Trump said, like when he questioned Ben Carson’s faith.

Also last night Trump again raised his now thoroughly debunked natural born citizen allegation against Sen. Ted Cruz:
Is he really a natural born citizen? I mean, give me a break.
Since Trump first brought this up, no fewer than five courts have dismissed lawsuits challenging Cruz’ eligibility to be president — Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, New York andUtah. But Trump doesn’t seem to understand that.

This shtick, like Trump, is getting old. Which makes me wonder if Trump’s age has something to do with Trump’s outlandish, despicable and clearly false statements. It might also explain why Trump might say one thing to one audience and then say the exact opposite thing to a different audience a short time later. Trump does this time and time again — reversing positions, back tracking and flip flopping far more than any candidate I can recall.
Spencer and others ask if this is age related, but I think it is more related to his con man style of extemporaneous speaking.  He is a stream of consciousness speaker who does not use notes and just says whatever pops into his head and his audience does not seem to care if he is incoherent.  He routinely mistakes insults for logical argument and this seems satisfactory to his audiences.


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