Trump's lead could be even narrower

NBC News:
After five Republican contests over the weekend, Donald Trump has just an 87-delegate lead over Ted Cruz, 392-305. And as one plugged-in GOP rules expert tells us, that lead is probably narrower than that. Why? Well, 112 delegates (representing 9% out of 1,237 needed for the nomination) are unbound because there is NO statewide presidential vote -- like in Colorado. This all underscores, once again, how important the winner-take-all states of Florida and Ohio on March 15 are to Trump's path to 1,237. They aren't luxuries, they're necessities....
The piece breaks it down showing different situations based on the winners of Florida and Ohio.  Trump will have to win a greater percentage of the delegates than he has in any primary to date in order to wrap it up before the convention.


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