Trump's incoherent stand on immigration

Washington Post:
It’s not entirely clear Donald Trump knows what his position is on H-1B visas

The Republican front-runner has shifted several times about the H-1B program, which grants temporary visas to non-immigrant workers.
Trump relies on his imperfect brain to decide at any given moment what his position is on immigration and utterly puts aside earlier contradictory statements without explanation.  The H-1B program is only one of his inconsistencies.  His push for mass deportation is followed by a mass amnesty for the same deported immigrants.  It is, in fact, a touchback amnesty program, which is an even more expensive program than the Gang of Eight fiasco.

His own record on hiring illegals and on using immigrant labor while ignoring American applicants suggest his positions are more for political convenience than based on an understanding of the issues.


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