Trump supporter proves Cruz's point about being low information voters

Rush Limbaugh:
I asked a Trumpster this morning: "What do you think of what Trump said about Tiananmen Square?"

"Ah, it was great!"

"Really," I said. "You think when Trump credited the ChiComs for stopping 'what could have been a riot'?"

"Yeah, man, that was great."

"You're kidding me."

"No, no."

"Um, you realize he was crediting the government for putting down a protest of citizens demanding freedom, and the guy standing in front of the tank? The ChiComs did a good job in wiping the guy out and stopping a riot?"

"Yeah, I totally think so. I'm sick of these people."

I said, "Okay." I just left it there.
RUSH: This is Tiananmen Square as it happened last night. Jake Tapper said, "Mr. Trump, some of your Republican critics have expressed concern about comments you've made praising authoritarian dictators. You have said positive things about Putin as a leader, and you've said positive things about China's massacre of pro-democracy protesters at Tiananmen Square. You said, quote, 'When the students poured into Tiananmen Square, the [ChiComs] almost blew it, and then they were vicious, and they were horrible. But they put it down with strength. It shows you the power of strength.' How do you respond, Mr. Trump?"

Trump: "Hey, that doesn't mean I was endorsing it. I wasn't endorsing it. I said, 'That's a strong, powerful government that put it down with strength,' and they kept down that riot. It was a horrible thing. It doesn't mean at all that I was endorsing it." He was simply admiring the strength or pointing out what a powerfully strong government can do. Hey, this is why what's-his-face, Sean Penn, loves Castro. It's why Sean Penn loved what's-his-face down in Venezuela, Hugo Chavez. They envied the power. No question about.
They are either ignorant of history or wish to repeat it here?  Who knows what is in their head or in Trump's head when he says the things he says.


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