Trump getting minimal support from millennials

Washington Times:
Donald Trump enters the annual Conservative Political Action Conference this week as the Republican presidential front-runner, but he is still getting the cold shoulder from millennial voters like Kyle Foley.

A 19-year-old sophomore at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Mr. Foley says he isn’t a Trump fan, and neither are most of the Republicans on campus.

“I know in the College Republicans group here, we probably have about 80 students, and there may be three that like Donald Trump,” said Mr. Foley, who works for the conservative millennial group Turning Point USA and will be attending CPAC this week.

Why? “A lot of us don’t like him because he’s incredibly divisive, he doesn’t have a lot of substance, and any policy he has is just a talking point,” Mr. Foley said. “When he’s pressed on actual details, he doesn’t have them. He spends his time getting personal with his attacks instead of substantive.”

A generation gap is emerging in the billionaire businessman’s firewall as he barrels toward the Republican nomination. In the early primary and caucus states, 18- to 29-year-old voters were the least likely age cohort to support Mr. Trump, according to exit polls conducted by NBC News.
I think Foley is spot on in his analysis of Trump and I am several decades away from being a millennial.  I have been puzzled by why more voters do not see what seems so obvious.  I have about come to the conclusion that those voters are really Democrats for the most part.


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