Trump and the protesters are both wrong

Erick Erickson:
I am really disappointed in a lot of people who I think should know better in seeing what is happening with Trump rallies and casting blame in only one direction. It is either all Donald Trump’s fault or it is all the protestors’ fault.

The reality is it goes both ways and then some. Donald Trump has eggs on his supporters to violence and protestors have been emboldened to violence. They all know it gets them media attention and the entire thing has turned to team sport.

One must be either fully with Trump or fully with the protestors. Like hell. I’m with none of them and they should all be ashamed.

Marco Rubio had a press statement and he gets it exactly right. Trump uses the rhetoric of a third world dictator and the protestors are really no better. The media, which often laments the lack of leaders and adults in American political discourse, tut-tut what is happening then plays it up for ratings.
Meanwhile, Trump supporters are alienating many of the Republicans they need to defeat the Democrats if they are successful at getting the nomination.


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