The Trump Democrats

Neil Stevens:
You’ve got all these white Democrats who see everyone else in the coalition getting set asides, but now instead of getting theirs, they’re being told they need to check their privilege, apologize, and then stop talking.

Those are the Trump Democrats. People who for decades were middle of the road Democrats who believed in welfare, a moderate foreign policy, and regulation of big business. These are people who voted:

  • Obama or stayed home in 2012 Romney was a rich jerk.
  • Obama or stayed home in 2008 because McCain was Bush 2.0.
  • Kerry or stayed home in 2004 because Bush lied and they were tired of nation building.
  • Gore in 2000 because they wanted 4 more years of Clinton.
  • And they voted twice for Clinton because he was their ideal President.

These people have hit their breaking point. They’re being squeezed out of the Democrat party, as it realigns under pressure from Internet activists, and they’re flocking to Trump. They’re making this move because Trump’s Make America Great Again is the spiritual successor to the New Deal and the Great Society.

Unions used to oppose illegal immigration. They listened to their members, and they made the argument (right or wrong) that illegal immigration depressed wages, by throwing rightfully-union jobs to illegal aliens at illegally-low wages. Now, AFL-CIO even is talking the Democrat party line.

If Donald Trump wins the nomination we may see the entire party system overturned, in a way we’ve only seen five times in our nation’s history.
That is assuming they are not trolls trying to create chaos in the GOP ranks.  The Democrats and the Clintons are certainly cynical enough to try something like that but they have not demonstrated that much organizational skill when they have held office so it's too soon to know. But it seems clear to me that Trump is using Democrats to win elections.  The states that are coming up have closed primaries which could make it harder for Democrats to vote in the Republican race which might affect his numbers.


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