The Senate's decorum excuse

Steve Berman:
Calling McConnell a liar on the floor of the senate stung, and broke the honored tradition of saving the shiv for the press room while maintaining a fake decorum on the floor. It’s a ridiculous tradition (and hasn’t always been that way, read your U.S. history).

But why should Cornyn reserve his criticism for Cruz? Donald Trump has done more damage to decorum and civil political discourse than any serious candidate in the last half century. The rap sheet of Trump’s disgusting comments and attacks is far too long (and too well known) to detail here.

Yet the senate has no standard for Trump–he’s exempt from all rules applied to everyone else.

I agree that Cruz should do what he can to get along with his fellow senators on a personal level. But the optics of such a move when Trump can call Rubio “little Marco,” and Cruz “lyin’ Ted,” not to mention what he said about Lindsey Graham would make Cruz look like a milquetoast while making Trump look like a hero for being an uncivilized boor.
The deep disgust with the Senate is not because of something Ted Cruz said about any of its members.  It is because they said they were going to stop Obamacare and amnesty and then they fully funded both so that Democrats would not call them obstructionists.  Most Republican voters see that as a betrayal and a bigger problem than Ted Cruz's remarks about those who went along with the betrayal.

What really stung about Cruz's remarks was that it exposed their show vote scam for what it was.  He was like the guy who said the king had no clothes on while everyone else pretended he looked regal.

Look, I think John Cornyn is a smart guy.  But I think he should be more concerned about the future of the country than Sen. McConnell's hurt feelings.  The country is at stake here and history will not be kind to those who allowed the evils of liberalism to prevail because of hurt feelings.

Some in the Senate have said that Cruz was being selfish and self-serving by opposing their betrayal of the voters.  I do not agree.  I think he was a profile in courage exposing a bad bargain for what it was.


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