The false choice of the day award

Washington Post:

As the party looks for an alternative to the front-runner, the senator from Texas must decide whether his best path is sticking to his stand against everything and anyone in Washington, or if success will require some rapprochement with the GOP establishment.
This is really an unfair comparison.  The major difference between Cruz and some of his Republican colleagues is over tactics in dealing with an intransigent President Obama.   That should not be a problem with a President Cruz who would sign legislation repealing Obamacare, and would also cut spending that the rest of the senators say they want to do.  On the question of amnesty, the voters have spoken against it and sided with Cruz.

Trump is an entirely different matter.  It is not clear that he holds to any position much beyond the expression of it passing his lips.  There is no way to know what he really believes because he has made so many contradictory statements.


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