The benefit of low fuel prices shows up at the grocery store

Houston Chronicle:
Record harvests and lower input costs have driven down the costs of some grocery staples in the Lone Star State, according to the Texas Farm Bureau.

The balance dipped to $46.43 for items in the Texas Grocery Price Watch index, a decrease of 5.3 percent from one year ago.

The index is computed from prices for 16 items gathered by shoppers across the state. The list includes dairy, grain, meat and produce items. The index for the first quarter of 2016 was compiled from prices gathered between March 3 and March 10.

The price of one pound of beef top sirloin steak dropped about 14 percent from the last quarter of 2015 to $6.29, according to the index.

Fuel, a big expense for farmers, is cheaper. There also have been large, record harvests of corn and grain said Julie Tomascik, associate editor with the Texas Farm Bureau.

"That brought down the cost of food as well because it's cheaper for farmers to feed their cattle," Tomascik said. The state's cattle farmers also continue to recover from the disastrous drought of years past.
That is something that alternative energy cannot do at this point.  Nor can it produce the fertilizer needed for increased crop yields.  The push by the anti-energy left for high fuel prices to make their alternatives look more competitive also pushes up the price of food which ahs a direct impact on everyone's' budget, but especially the poor.


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