Ted Cruz's big win at debate

Chris Cillizza:

* Ted Cruz: The Texas senator picked a nice moment to have his best debate of the primary season. He flashed his prosecutorial chops when making the case that Donald Trump was neither a real conservative nor someone who could win the White House for Republicans this fall. His persistent calls for Trump to release the audiotape of an off-the-record interview with the New York Times were effective and put the real estate mogul off his game a bit. Cruz also benefited from the fact that Trump and Marco Rubio went after each other hammer and tongs for the first hour of the debate, a brawl that allowed him to look like he was above the fray and magnanimous.
He also though Kasich had a good night.

While people have been critical of Rubio's descent into the name calling and insults with Trump it is having an effect on Trump who is looking less presidential with each confrontation.  It might also be a good preview of Rubio for the attack dog role as a vice presidential candidate.

Jonathon Last also says Cruz was the big winner in the debate especially on teh immigration issue.


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