State Department refuses to hold Palestinians responsible for the murder of American

Katie Pavlich:
American Taylor Allen Force was murdered in Israel yesterday after being attacked by a terrorist, but based on a statement released by the State Department, you would never know the person who carried out the attack was a Palestinian.

"The United States condemns in the strongest possible terms today’s outrageous terrorist attacks in Jaffa, Petah Tikvah, and Jerusalem, which tragically claimed the life of U.S. citizen Taylor Allen Force and left many others severely injured. We offer our heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Taylor and all those affected by these senseless attacks, and we wish a speedy recovery for the injured," State Department Press Secretary John Kirby As we have said many times, there is absolutely no justification for terrorism. We continue to encourage all parties to take affirmative steps to reduce tensions and restore calm."

The State Department's moral equivalence here is appalling. There are not two equal parties to this situation to "reduce tensions" and "restore calm." Palestinian terrorists are stabbing and killing Israelis. Yesterday, an American was their latest victim. Period. Over the past year, there have been hundreds of stabbing attacks carried out by Palestinian terrorists. Their targets have been pregnant women, mothers, the elderly, Israeli soldiers, law enforcement officers and others.
Yesterday during the White House press briefing, Secretary Josh Earnest also refused to acknowledge Palestinian responsibility.
This is another reason this administration is so inept in its attempt to get a peace deal.  It refuses to hold the Palestinians responsible for the conduct of the terrorist under their control.  Is it any wonder that sane people do not trust them with a state?  The failure to put pressure on the Palestinians will assure that no deal is ever reached.

What is it about Islamists that leads them to believe that murdering noncombatants is OK.  It is a combination of a sick interpretation os Islam and a lack of will to confront the PA on the violence they support.


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