Senate leadership still does not get the sense of betrayal Republican voters feel toward them

Senior Senate Republicans are calling on Sen. Ted Cruz to rebuild his strained relationships with his colleagues and apologize to Majority Leader Mitch McConnell before the party establishment considers consolidating behind his presidential bid.

Cruz has increasingly called for Republicans to unify behind his candidacy in order to take down front-runner Donald Trump. But in interviews Tuesday with CNN, it's clear Cruz's fellow GOP senators are not willing to do that, at least not yet.

Republican senators said that Cruz must return to Capitol Hill and make the case directly to his colleagues to help ease long-festering tensions. And a large number of Republicans said the fence-mending starts with this: Apologizing to McConnell for calling him a liar last year on the floor of the Senate.
The Senate club is so out of touch with voters is is hard to comprehend.  Cruz is doing as well as he is because he stood up to the senate leaders who pushed a vote to fund the very things they said they were running against in the previous elections.  Asking Cruz to go grovel at the feet of those who betrayed the voters would ensure Cruz's defeat and these guys should be smart enough to, at least, know that.

Mark Levine response to the demand was that it is the senators who owe Cruz an apology.

When you have at least two-thirds of the voters who are rejecting their caving to Obama you would think they would take notice.  They act like their exclusive club entitles them to ignore the voters.

The fact is they need to find a way to work with Cruz or see the party go down to defeat.  Exit polls show that nearly a third of voters in some states have said that will vote for someone other than Trump if he gets the nomination.  And, if he is blocked at the convention the third of the Republican voters who have supported him will walk.

Their only hope at this point is to back Cruz and help him get the votes needed to defeat Trump under the convention rules.  If they don't because of McConnell's hurt feelings that defeat will be on their shoulders.  I am really disappointed that a smart guy like John Cornyn has not been able to persuade the senators to bury the hatchet in order to save the party.


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