Russia and Syria weaponizing immigration

Washington Times:
The top U.S. commander in Europe testified on Tuesday that Russian President Vladimir’s forces are deliberately bombing civilians in Syria to uproot them from their homes and turn them into weapons against Europe.

Air Force Gen. Philip Breedlove, NATO’s supreme commander, also told the Senate Armed Services Committee that Russian warplanes continue to strike targets despite the cease fire engineered last week by Secretary of State John Kerry.

Gen. Breedlove excoriated Syrian President Bashar Assad for dropping “barrel bomb” terrorist weapons whose only purpose is to kill and scatter civilians.

He called the campaign the “weaponization of immigration.”

“I cannot find any reason for the way Bashar al Assad has prosecuted much of the campaign against his own people,” he said. “There is no understandable method by which you deliver a barrel bomb that reaches military utility. Barrel bombs are designed to terrorize, get people out of their homes and get them on the road and make them someone else’s problem.”
What is missing is a counter-strategy to deal with this cynical operation by Russia and Syria.  I do not see one from either the Europeans or the US.  In fact the leaders in most of these countries are facilitating the strategy by taking in the refugees and making it easier for ISIL to inflitrate terrorists.


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