Rubio's case becomes more hopeless after Tuesday

Erick Erickson:
FLORIDA! FLORIDA! FLORIDA! chant the Rubio supporters as he is crushed in Mississippi and even Michigan. The Rubio voters would rather blame Ted Cruz than John Kasich who is taking votes from Rubio. In Michigan, Cruz won female voters. Think about that. He came in second having spent only $1,112 total while Rubio came in last after spending $1.2 million.

And having spent barely any funds in Michigan, Cruz and Kasich battled it out for second place in Michigan. Rubio, meanwhile, cratered out so badly in Michigan and Mississippi that he not only failed to hit the delegate threshold but that caused more bonus delegates for Trump’s run up to the magic 1,237 delegates. As of this writing, he performed no better in Idaho, with Cruz winning there. In fact, Cruz would have won all the delegates in Idaho had Rubio gotten out. Cruz would have gone into last night with more delegates than Trump had Rubio not played the spoiler in Maine and Texas.

Can we have some real talk now?

The odds of Rubio winning Florida in seven days is not guaranteed. Momentum goes in the direction of winners and Marco Rubio is decidedly not a winner right now. But he is awesome. And he will be an awesome former political star with no political future if the present trajectory continues.

So let me paint a picture for you.

We know in the stand alone races, Cruz beats Trump. We know that according to Rule 40 of the Republican Party, any person to stand for nomination for President has to have won the majority of delegates in eight states. Cruz has won three with that criteria and would have won more but for Rubio in the race. If Rubio could even win Florida, he would still struggle. Same with Kasich.
The case for Rubio and Kasich staying in grows weaker with each contest and each poll.  Rubio can't blame dirty tricks or lies for his failure to inspire voters.  It is on him.

Erickson makes the case for Rubio dropping out and supporting Cruz.  It makes sense from a strategic point of view and could ensure a political future for him that losing will not.  I have been reluctant to tell anyone to get out of the race.  But the case for Rubio staying in is hard to argue at this point.  You can only go so far claiming fourth place finishes in a form man race as victories.


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