Profiles in incivility at Trump rallies

NY Times:

Protester Punched and Kicked at Donald Trump Rally in Tucson

A protester being led out of Donald Trump’s rally in Tucson Saturday was punched and kicked by a crowd member who was arrested, while Mr. Trump’s campaign manager confronted another protester.
Trump seems to attract the low-functioning  and low-information voter.  They have been described as angry, but it appears to be more of a blind rage by people who want someone to do something even if it makes no sense.

When confronted by low information liberals who come to provoke them violence is not uncommon.  Trump has accused these protesters of being Bernie Sanders supporters and they may well be, but the left has many anarchists who are willing to disrupt those with whom they disagree and try to shut them up.  It appears to be an intolerance for the views of others that they learned in college.

I will add that anyone who supports socialism is by definition someone who is ignorant of history and economics.  It is a failed ideology that has ruined lives in most of the places it has been tried.  The confiscatory taxes that Sanders would impose would kill jobs and creative enterprises that have made the US prosperous and take the country down the road to shared misery.


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