Poll shows Cruz overtaken Rubio in Florida and within margin of error of leaders in Ohio

CBS News:
Donald Trump keeps his lead in winner-take-all Florida, at 44 percent over Ted Cruz's 24 percent and Marco Rubio's 21 percent. In Ohio, Governor John Kasich is tied with Trump 33 percent to 33 percent, in two of the big winner-take-all delegate prizes up on Tuesday.horseracegopoh.gif
Cruz is also within the margin of error of Trump in Illinois.  Since he has significantly outperformed his polls in many cases there is a chance he could have a very good day Tuesday.  Even though Cruz is unlikely to overtake Trump in Florida, by pushing Rubio to third, it should effectively take him out of the race giving Cruz a better chance for one on one races through the remainder of the primaries. Cruz appears to be surging in Ohio and could overtake Trump and Kasich.


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