Obamacare has made insurance more expensive for most

Daily Signal:
On the third year of the Affordable Care Act exchanges, it is becoming more apparent that the promises of cost saving and premium reduction may only be reserved for people that are able to capture the most subsidies.

Exchange premiums are climbing all over the country. For example, plans increased rates by 25.1 percent in Kentucky, 14 percent in Ohio, and nearly 11 percent in Michigan. In Idaho, the largest insurer, Blue Cross of Idaho, had a rate increase of 23 percent. Some plans, as is in the case of New Mexico, had to pull from the exchanges due to high costs. For the country as a whole, through modeling at The Heritage Foundation, we estimate that a premium increase of roughly 15 percent is in order for 2016.

The main reason many insurers are raising premiums this year is because they are experiencing higher than expected costs.
The mandate looks like a bargain compared to the rates required of those signing up.  for the healthy, paying the "tax" is a better deal than the high cost insurance with high deductibles.


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