Obama sells out US to anti energy left

Washington Examiner:
The Obama administration's new five-year drilling plan kowtows to extreme environmental interests while going against the will of voters, the head of the oil and gas industry's largest trade group said on Tuesday.

"The decision appeases extremists who seek to stop oil and natural gas production which would increase the cost of energy for American consumers and close the door for years to creating new jobs, new investments and boosting energy security," said Jack Gerard, the American Petroleum Institute's CEO.

The Interior Department released its latest five-year offshore drilling plan on Tuesday, removing a large swath of federal leases to drill for the first time down the coast from New Jersey to Georgia. An earlier proposal had the Atlantic coast playing a key part in the plan, but in the end the administration gave it a thumbs down due to environmental risks.

"This is not how you harness America's economic and diplomatic potential," said Gerard. He said the "inconsistent policy leads to unraveling the nation's ability to be a global energy leader and has left the future of American energy and national security vulnerable for the geopolitical challenges that lie ahead."
Obama and the anti-energy left are outsourcing US jobs and national security to countries that do not have its interest at heart.  This empowers rogue nations like Iran and Venezuela while stifling US jobs and its trade balance.  The man has no strategic vision beyond his tilting at the windmills of global warming.


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