Obama continues his flawed push for Middle East peace

NY Times:

Obama Looking to Leave Behind Path for Mideast Peace

President Obama, unable to broker a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians, is weighing a plan to at least create a framework for his successor to pursue.
Obama starts with the wrong premise.  He blames the Israelis when it is the Palestinians who have been intransigent for over half a century or longer.   The PA and Hamas are beggar entities who produce little of value and rely on the generosity of others.  They are much more vulnerable to financial pressure now than they have been since Israel became a state again.  The Arab states that have supported them in the past are burning through their reserves because they are selling their oil at a loss.  Their neighbors view Iran as a much more serious threat than Israel.

What Obama should be willing to do rather than trying to strong-arm Israel into accepting a terror state on its border is to put pressure on the Palestinians to compromise finally and if they do not they should be cut off from funding by the US and the UN.


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