Name that party--Public corruption is rampant among Democrats in South Texas

Houston Chronicle:
After he lost his City Council seat four years ago, Richard Diaz outlined his concerns about local corruption in a detailed three-page complaint to the Zavala County district attorney.

"It was about the misuse of public property, and then, of course, they were (gassing) up their private vehicles from the city yard, and there were other violations of the charter," Diaz said, referring to city officials.

"They talked to a lot of people who knew about this, and verified what I was saying, but for some reason they just dropped the investigation. They never told me anything," he recalled.

District Attorney Roberto Serna, a Crystal City native, said he had asked the Texas Rangers to investigate. In the end, however, after "a very diligent investigation, no prosecutable cases resulted," he said.

The FBI, which later got the complaint, dug deeper and eventually hit pay dirt.

Last month, a battalion of agents and other police conducted raids in the self-proclaimed Spinach Capital of the World, hauling away council members and a truckload of documents, to the delight of some local residents.

The indictments of five current and former Crystal City officials on conspiracy and bribery charges were just the latest in a long recent string of public corruption cases in South Texas, stretching from San Antonio to the border.
Others also cite a one-party political system with entrenched political bosses, systemic election fraud and voter cynicism.

"It's just appalling. A lot of people I talk to down here are very exasperated by the continued reality of corruption that permeates local government here in the Valley," said Anthony Knopp, 75, a Brownsville college professor.
Federal statistics on public corruption convictions show the two judicial districts that cover South Texas rank near the top nationwide. The FBI in San Antonio also has seen a sharp increase in corruption cases, rising threefold to 64 open cases between 2012 and 2014.
There is much more.

Virtually all the cases involve Democrats either practicing vote fraud or other acts of corruption.  South Texas is the bluest area in Texas.  It is where national Democrats go when they are searching for votes in Texas.   Corruption has made a poor area poorer.  What is needed besides prosecuting the guilty is for the media to recognize the RICO aspects of the Democrat party in the area.  But, you have to dig pretty deep to find much mention of the party that is responsible for the alleged crimes discussed in the piece.


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