Maybe Trump can find a spot for him on his foreign policy team?

Daily Mail:

EXCLUSIVE: Meet the 'number one trainer' at Trump University - a convicted felon who is STILL promising he can make you rich if you just hand over $35,000 (and do some push-ups!)

A convicted felon, James Aubrey Harris, was among the speakers at the controversial Trump University. He is still pushing schemes to 'get rich' by paying him for real estate investment advice. Harris (left) claims he was Trump's 'number one' speaker at the controversial scheme, which the Republican frontrunner (bottom right) has come under fire over. He is still pushing almost identical property-advice schemes (left) which he says can make people as successful as him (right) by paying thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars for advice. Among the techniques at his seminars are telling participants to drop to the floor to perform push-ups, or asking them to pretend to fall asleep on stage.
Will there be an ad were Trump bragged about personally selecting this guy and others to teach at Trump U?  Trump's statement about his selection process sounds suspiciously like his statements about his as of yet unselected foreign policy team.

Perhaps Trump could use him to negotiate trade deals since he appears to be quite a salesman.


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