Liberal fascists disrupt Trump rally in Chicago

NY Times:

Violent Scuffles Cause Chicago Rally for Trump to Be Canceled

Protesters and supporters of Donald J. Trump confronted each other, screaming and shoving, at a campaign event Friday that was called off over security concerns.
While Trump has been accused of fascism and so-called brown shirt tactics, this time, it was liberal opponents who caused the disturbance.  They do not seem content with merely defeating him at the ballot box and want to keep him from speaking.  As someone who does not support Trump, I tend to settle with just pushing the mute button when he comes on.  Of course, I do that with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, both of whom are much more entertaining with the mute button on.  Bernie looks like he is conducting an orchestra and Hillary looks like she is imitating a former German dictator.

Trump on the other hand, rarely says much in the way of substance anyway so I tend to think the more he talks the better for his opponents.  It appears that some liberals would rather fight Trump supporters than those trying to kill all Americans.

Chicago is living down to its reputation for thug politics and in the process is probably pumping up the anger already within the Trump crowd.  That is regrettable for those of us who do not support him.

I am old enough to recall when liberals used to favor free speech.  But from the campuses to the campaign trail those days appear to be over.


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