Judge may unseal key records on Trump business associate with alleged mafia ties

Leon Wolfe:
The Media is About to Blow the Lid Off of Trump’s Mafia Ties
One of the more well-known open secrets about Donald Trump is his rather lengthy history of involving himself with “business partners” who had ties to the mafia. The media has of course known about all these stories for years, but they have been slow-walking their release during the Republican primary season (FOR SOME REASON, BUT DEFINITELY NOT BECAUSE THEY WANT TRUMP TO WIN HA HA).
It looks like all of this is about to come to a head, though, as the AP has forced an obstinate federal judge to finally concede that he’s about to have to unseal some key records.
There is much more.

Apparently the DOJ will have a say in whether the records are released.  Ted Cruz has suggested that the media may be sitting on such stories until after the primary campaign is over.


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