Is the left playing into Trump's hand?

Richard Fernandez:
The Left may be on the verge of thinking they've shut down Donald Trump when they've done the opposite. Jenna Johnson writes in the Washington Post:
For months, Trump has been able to control — and often use to his advantage — the hundreds of protesters who show up to his rallies to oppose rhetoric they consider divisive, racist and hateful. ...

But Trump could not control the protesters who showed up by the thousands to his rally Friday night at the University of Illinois at Chicago. ... “We stopped Trump!” the protesters at the rally chanted after the event was canceled, pumping their fists into the air. “We stopped Trump! We stopped Trump!”
Perhaps what the Left have really done, as predicted, is supercharged his campaign -- and they're doing it again. The day after the Trump rally in Chicago was canceled, Trump was rushed by a protester in Dayton Ohio. (Video here). It will probably gain him a few more polling points.

The result may be a wave of sympathy support for Trump. He is now the Man in the Arena, the guy on center stage. Voters who were formerly content to compare one candidate's policies to another may now feel emotionally compelled to take his side in the showdown with leftist muscle. What the Left has done is give the limbic brain a chance to overpower the cerebrum.
It certainly did not help him in Wyoming and DC where he was virtually shut out with his lowest percentage of the vote to date.  I do not think that it helped him also when his supporters reacted so negatively to the other Republicans in the field rather than concentrating their fire on Democrats and the left.   That will not gain him any sympathy from potential GOP voters and would lead to a disaster if he got the nomination where he would be trying to defeat the Democrats with a faction of the GOP vote.


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