His opponents seem to take Trump seriously but that is probably not what he had in mind

NY Times:

Amid Bluster and Bragging, Trump Yearned to Gain Stature

A look back at how Donald J. Trump mustered his way into the Republican elite finds that his presidential campaign is driven in part by a desire to be taken seriously.
More than anything else, Trump has mastered the art of self-aggrandizement which sometimes ventures into self-parody that is misunderstood by the media.  Some think it is humorous while others are appalled.  The more I see of his schtick the less interesting I find him to be.

His followers seem to have an irrational passion for him that is still difficult to comprehend.  Since the events in Chicago Friday evening, they are acting like they can defeat the Democrats with only a fraction of the GOP voters.  Engaging with them is like dealing with an angry person suffering from PMS.  It is difficult at best.


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