Dozens of Trump products are made outside the US

Washington Examiner:
Trump-brand products have been outsourced to China, Japan, Honduras and Brazil as well as European countries Norway, Italy and Germany since 2006, according to data collected by ImportGenius, a company that gathers information related to exports and imports. The data was compiled into a public spreadsheet by Our Principles PAC, a group committed to ending Trump's candidacy. The data also shows that about 1,200 shipments of Trump-brand goods have come to the U.S. from foreign companies and manufacturers since 2011.

Everything from slippers and men's shirts to ballpoint pens and "Trump body soap" has come to the U.S. from Asian and South American countries, the data shows. Trump has previously admitted that clothes such as ties, which belong to his menswear line, are manufactured in China and Mexico.
His campaign seems to be based on a cry to stop him before he exports jobs again to countries with cheap labor.


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