Dispatching the fracking fluid paranoia

Daily Caller:
A new graphic is dispelling environmentalists’ claims that hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, uses toxic chemicals to extract shale oil and natural gas.

Water and sand make up 99.51 percent of fracking fluid, according to an infographic published by the energy industry group Energy In Depth. Fracking fluid has only a few thousand gallons of additives for every one million gallons of water and sand. These additives include instant coffee, walnut shells, table salt, laundry detergent, make-up remover, lemon juice and soap.
They also sometimes use food additives such as guar wich tends to expand a mixture and is used in things like ice cream.

There is also no reliable evidence that fracking fluid gets into the water table.  The shale formations are much deeper than the water table and there are significant rock formations between the two.


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