Democrats driving up the price of cars and hurting sales

Daily Signal:
As Michigan voters head to the polls on Tuesday, they should ask candidates whether they will leave in place costly regulations that have added thousands to the price of new cars and depressed sales for the state’s iconic industry.

Federal regulations that force ever-increasing automobile fuel economy standards cost consumers thousands of dollars more than what they save on using less gas. These burdensome regulations also reduce new-car purchases and, therefore, autoworker employment.

How much more expensive are the gas mileage gains?

Scholars estimated that the new standards would add at least $3,800 to the cost of a car in 2016 and at least $7,200 in 2025. This cost includes the gasoline savings....
Democrats don't care what their regulations do to the marketplace and the increased cost to consumers.  It is a microcosm of their control freak approach to the economy that has killed jobs across the board.


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