Democrats are paying a price for targeting white men

NY Times:

One Group Resists Clinton: White Men

White men narrowly backed Hillary Clinton in 2008, but they are not getting behind her candidacy in force in major battleground states this year, rattling some Democrats.
A party that pushes the racist meme of "white male privilege" should not be surprised that the people they target are not willing to support their chosen candidate.  Hillary Clinton is also doing poorly with young people.

The denigration of the accomplishments of white men is racist at heart.  It is like saying that successful basketball players got there because of "black privilege."  Her campaign has also had a tendency to be sexists while accusing opponents of sexism.

Most successful people get there because of a passion for an idea or a profession.  The reason there are no black America's Cup skippers is mainly because of a lack of interest in the sport by black athletes.  But the sport is remarkably open to a diverse group of people who have a passion for sailboat racing.  Most make very little money or get by with jobs with sailmakers or other suppliers.  Of course, there are usually rich sponsors for the boats, but you rarely see them at the helm.


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