Delegate count for Super Tuesday much closer than early reports

Washington Post:

Current delegate count estimates.

The headlines are mostly trumpeting the Donald’s victory in seven states last night, but the delegate count suggests that the victory was far from overwhelming, and the Republican race is far from over. According to The Post, Trump will receive approximately 234 delegates, Ted Cruz 209, Marco Rubio 90, John Kasich 19 and Ben Carson 3. So the total delegate count last night was approximately Trump 234, non-Trump 321. And in the end, Trump needs to get a majority of delegates, not just win vote pluralities.
When you count the delegates actually awarded it was a squeaker of a night for Trump despite rolling up several state wins.  The race is far from over and Trump may have a problem in states with closed primaries where only Repub licans can vote for their nominee.  That is what happened in Oklahoma where Cruz upset the polling that had predicted a Trump win.


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