Cruz's 'win' in District of Columbia

Leon Wolf:
Yesterday was another pretty good day for Ted Cruz. A handful of delegates were awarded, almost none of which went to Donald Trump. That’s Ted Cruz’s main goal at this point, which is to make it more and more difficult for Trump to reach 1,237. However, Cruz picked up another victory by finishing dead last in one of the contests – the D.C. primary.

Lots of candidates run against D.C. In fact, it’s pretty much standard fare in modern politics to run against the center of government. D.C. has been an all-purpose boogeyman since I’ve been alive. But seldom or ever has a Republican candidate been genuinely disliked by D.C. as much as Ted Cruz is. That’s the mark of a candidate who has a genuinely anti-D.C. record, as opposed to merely anti-D.C. rhetoric.
This confirms his bonafide's of not being beholding to the "Washington cartel."  As a bonus, Trump also got no delegates from DC which means it did not effect the race for the nomination.


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