Cruz seen as best choice for stopping Trump by some in establishment

Republican elites are begrudgingly embracing Ted Cruz—and hanging Marco Rubio out to dry.

Panicked at Donald Trump’s dominance and dismayed by Rubio’s continued inability to do anything about it, some top Republican power brokers are turning to Cruz, putting aside their policy and personal misgivings to back the candidate they now openly label as their best hope to stop Trump’s GOP takeover.

“He seems to be the only guy who’s got some momentum, and is probably the best situated if there is anybody out there to beat Trump,” said Austin Barbour, a prominent Mississippi-based GOP operative. “That’s why there are many people like me—Ted Cruz wouldn’t have been our first choice, but as we go through the process, we’re reevaluating our vote, and he seems to be the guy at the top of the list.”

“Most people now think Ted’s the best vehicle to defeat Trump,” said Charles C. Foster, a Bush family loyalist from Houston who served on Jeb Bush’s national finance team. “I would say some are enthusiastic for Ted, some are just saying, ‘OK, Ted’s not my first choice, but anyone that can beat Trump, I’ll support.’”

“That’s a big motivating factor,” he continued. “I think Ted is the only possibility to stop Trump.”
Rubio's biggest problem was that he was not winning.  Cruz is.  He has run a good campaign despite the attempts of others to question his integrity.  Those charges only stick with those inclined to support someone else anyway.

On most issues Cruz's biggest difference with the establishment has been tactical and that should not be an issue if he is President.  The one issue where they differ from Cruz is on immigration and the latest polling show that 61 percent favor the restrictions Cruz is supporting.

I think the GOP can win with Cruz and he can also protect the Congressional majorities.


  1. As you point out, the reason that Rubio is not winning is that he has been wrong (and duplicitous) about controlling illegal immigration. "The Establishment" does not get that, since they don't understand the problem. I can see Rubio running again in a few years when this has been resolved, one way or another, and he might get this immigrant's son's vote.

    Cruz and Trump are the only two candidates who have come to win, not just to play, to borrow a sports term. It will take that mindset, and sharp elbows, to beat Hillary.


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