Cruz questions Trump's commitment to conservatives

Town Hall:
“So Donald Trump is skipping CPAC,” Texas Sen. Ted Cruz said during his opening remarks at the Conservative Political Action Conference. “I think somebody told him Megyn Kelly was going to be here. Or even worse somebody told him conservatives were going to be here.”

Cruz’s speech was not only an opportunity for him to lay out his presidential platform, but to contrast himself with Trump.

Cruz first repeated his plans to repeal every word of Obamacare, abolish the IRS, roll back federal regulations, pass a flat tax (he imagines a country “where every American can fill out their taxes on a postcard”) and stop amnesty.

Cruz spent a bit of time on that last issue, posing the following question to his fellow GOP contenders: In 2013, where did you stand on the Gang of 8 bill?

While Cruz proudly said he stood against amnesty, he also informed the crowd that Trump was “worse than nowhere.”

“Donald was funding the gang of eight,” Cruz declared, referencing how the businessman donated to five of the eight “gang” members.

Cruz wasn’t quite done with his criticism of Trump, scoffing at the businessman’s promising to be “flexible” as president. “Flexible” is code word for the “get ready to stick it to you,” Cruz told the audience.
There is more.

Trump said he had campaign commitments, which suggest he is not as confident he will win the Republican delegates in the upcoming states.  


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