About those glowing reviews at Trump U

NY Times:

At Trump U., Students Were Pressured for Good Reviews

Ex-students say coercive tactics were used to elicit glowing marks for Donald J. Trump’s real estate classes in evaluations he is now using against them.
Having prosecuted fraud cases in the past I would argue that the surveys were part of the plan and were otherwise irrelevant to whether the attendees were defrauded, because they were done before there was an opportunity to find out how valuable the training was.  At the time the survey was taken the alleged victims had no way to know if the program would make them sucessful real estate investors.  In many cases apparently it did not.

I am sure Bernie Madoff good good reviews on his investment operations in the early days before people figured out it was a Ponzi scheme.  Many did not know until the very end of his scam.  It is very rare that a successful fraud scheme is discovered shortly after an investment.


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