A question Trump votes have no satisfactory answer for

Steve Berman:

You see, Ted Cruz beats Hillary Clinton in head to head matchups, pretty consistently. Cruz scores pretty well in the favorable/unfavorable polls, pretty consistently.

Cruz has good name recognition, with only 5 percent checking the “never heard of” box, and 12 percent have “no opinion” of him, meaning he could move up in the favorable ratings with a positive message.

Clinton, the presumptive Democrat nominee, is in a similar box to Trump: Everyone’s heard of her, and most don’t like her, with only 3 percent with no opinion. Except she’s got a lower unfavorable rating than Trump, who is just 2 percent with no opinion and a stunning 60 percent unfavorable rating. If every single person who has no opinion decided they liked Trump, that would move to 58 percent, still hated more than Clinton’s 55 percent.
You can find links to the polling data at the link above.  Trump has managed to alienate voters across a wide spectrum and apparently has no plan to deal with those who say they will never vote for him.  His supporters are going to try to defeat the Democrats with a fraction of the Republican voter base.  That looks unlikely.


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