Trump the name calling school yard bully

Rebecca Hagelin:
"Liar, liar, pants on fire!" The schoolyard bully that would be president, Donald Trump, now daily reaches such new lows of sophomoric language and behavior that even seasoned political watchers who have "seen it all" are shaking their heads. He's being so childish that it would have been no surprise had he added the "pants on fire" part to his tantrum against Ted Cruz Saturday night.

If the stakes weren't so high, it might be amusing to watch the Donald have his temper tantrums: from the bright red face, to the dagger stares, to the wagging finger and explosive yelling, I half expected Mr. Trump to spontaneously combust during the South Carolina debate. In his attempt to lure Evangelical voters - many of whom are NOT doing their homework - the Donald became irate with Senator Cruz after Cruz exposed Trump as a supporter of Planned Parenthood, the now notorious seller of baby body parts.

Trump, sexist that he is, knows he can't cast Cruz a sexist. Trump, after proudly slurring minorities as a course of habit, knows he can't call Cruz (a Latino) a racist. So, the Donald has settled on a sordid slur to bludgeon the most honest, trusted candidate in the race: Liar.

Conservatives don't fall for the "sexist" or racist" labels. The question is: Will they fall for the "liar" label?

It's the oldest trick in the political war-game book: call someone a name equated with disgusting behavior and that becomes the headline. Name-calling has always been the liberal ace-in-the-hole for seducing the drive by media and low information voters (to quote the great Rush Limbaugh). But God help us if conservatives - Christian conservatives - don't wake up and see the "liar" label as the playground slur that it is.
What gets Trump and Rubio so exercised is that Cruz just throws their own words back at them and they respond by calling him a liar.  Cruz has a knack for recalling their exact statement that is scary to those trying to deceive.   Rather than trying to explain away what they said, they deny ever saying it but eventually there will be a commercial where Cruz can "roll the tape" and let voters decide who is telling the truth.


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