Trump lost 9 points in poll after his debate meltdown

Weekly Standard:
On Monday, Rush Limbaugh lumped Trump in the same league as Michael Moore and Daily Kos bloggers for standing by his Iraq war conspiracy theory. Then on Tuesday, CNN released a poll that found Trump dropped 9 points after the debate—from 40 percent to 31 percent. On Tuesday night, every voter I spoke to at Trump's campaign event in Beaufort, South Carolina disapproved of Trump's comments. Their views ranged from genuine disgust to mere displeasure.

Dave Paxton from Hilton Head said he still doesn't know who he's voting for on Tuesday, but he is certain he won't be voting for Trump. Paxton said Trump's comment about George W. Bush "was horrible. I couldn't hardly watch after that. I mean, really, I was hoping they would not even ask him another question."

"I just think he made an ass of himself," Paxton added. "And then he kept interrupting."
He was just flat awful and contradicted what he has said about WMD in Iran in a book published before Bush took office.


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