Russia using Chechen's to spy on ISIL

Chechen spies loyal to the Kremlin have infiltrated Islamic State in Syria and are gathering intelligence the Russian air force uses to select bombing targets, the hardline leader of Chechnya told Russian state TV.

Ramzan Kadyrov, who as a close ally of President Vladimir Putin keeps tight control of a mostly Muslim region with a history of rebellion against Moscow, said Chechens had trained alongside Islamic State fighters at the start of the Syrian war.

"An extensive spy network has been set up inside Islamic State," Kadyrov's office quoted him on Monday as telling Russia's state-controlled Russia 1 channel.

He said Chechnya's "best fighters" had been sent to Syria to gather information about militants' structure and numbers.
Why would Russia actually put their clandestined operations at risk by confirming this story?  I am sure ISIL appreciates the heads up which makes all the Chechen fighters suspects.  Perhaps this is their subtle way of dealing with those suspected of actually aiding ISIL.   The Russians have actually spent very little time actually attacking ISIL.  Most of their attacks have been against the formerly US backed rebels.


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