New poll shows Cruz within 2 points of Trump in South Carolina

Right Scoop:
According to Fox News media critic Howard Kurtz, the internal polls from the Bush campaign show a much tighter race, and a jump for Cruz…
Internal poll for Bush PAC shows much tighter SC race: Trump 26, Cruz 24, Jeb 12, Rubio 11--while public surveys give Trump a huge lead

This would be very much like what happened in Iowa, where the public polling was WAY off. Either they were just inaccurate, or Cruz got a late surge, and a big one.
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Memo to Bush PAC says Cruz jump "based on significant support" in upstate S.C. "where evangelical Christians are heavily concentrated"

This would suggest that Cruz benefited from the Trump national security meltdown during the debate and that the charges of Cruz "lying" are not selling.   It also shows Jeb making headway on the establishment front.


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